Wishes to Reality

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Created from our Family to yours!

“We can make a difference
one drop at a time!”

Hello! My name is Amy, I am the Owner of Zenzaco. I am a mom to 4 kiddos and have been married to my husband since 2008. We are adopting from Colombia, currently working through the long process!

Here at Zenzaco we want to spread confidence and empowerment. Every shirt we design has this in mind. We want to make the world a better place which is why a portion of your purchase goes to fighting poverty and helping people in tragic situations. I am grateful to be able to have a business with my family and hope to inspire my kids to work hard at achieving their goals! They help me package up your orders. 

Where did the name "Zenzaco" come from? Well my daughter has the most beautiful imagination and is always making up words and singing songs. This word came from one of her songs she would sing all around the house.

Amy & the Zenzaco Crew

Spreading Magic All Over the World

Have you ever looked at the poverty around the world and thought, "What can be done??" We want you to be able to help make Wishes a Reality. You can feel GOOD about the products you are buying for you and your kids to uplift them AND help clothe, feed, educate, protect, and save children AROUND the WORLD!! Check out where your donations are going to on our Giving Back page.

With every purchase you will get a surprise. With this surprise you can share with your kids how they helped other people who are living in poverty. We would LOVE to see your kids using the "Magic" we send. Let's get social, tag us at @zenzaco or #zenzaco on Instagram and @zenzacocrew on  Facebook. 

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Our Mission

You are bombarded every day with negativity and self-comparison. We believe you have the power to achieve anything. Having a growth mindset and repeating positive affirmations can form new pathways in your brain. Wearing motivating and empowering clothing will give you the inner confidence to go get your dreams! You will only see uplifting clothes here that inspire confidence. 

Statement Jewelry

Carry positive affirmations in a fashionable way! All Zenzaco necklaces will give you the reminder you can do anything you set your mind to!

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Instantly gives hair power! These wonderful elastic scrunchies make a statement in the hair and on the wrist. Get hairstylist approved hair styles in seconds!